How to shop online safely and securely ?

As most folks have taken to purchasing everything from supplements to vehicles to chocolates on the Internet, issues are growing swiftly about the safety and security of online shopping. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop shopping online; in fact, it is the best way to buy everything as it is convenient and easy. Albeit your personal information is not safe, a couple of simple steps will drastically increase your safety as well as the security when shopping online.

Don’t Use Public Computers and Never Save Credit Card Details

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In the first place, when shopping on the web, never do it from a cafe or a public computer; not even in a shared network computer. Just use your workplace personal computer or home PC, guaranteeing that you or your life partner are the only ones with access to the data as well as the details stored on it. Likewise, never save your credit card on any site, even if it saves you time. It may spare you a few moments when you shop on that particular site, but will risk your security.

Avoid to use Debit Cards

Use credit cards instead of debit cards when shopping online as it is a safer method to do transactions because most of the credit card companies provide complete fraud protection and give 14 days time to open dispute; this feature is not available in most of the debit cards. Thus, online shopping with debit card is not a safe option. There are many credit card companies who provide VCCs (virtual credit cards) which can be used to shop online, only once. So use a VCC or a credit card when shopping online.

Use VPN to protect your identity and your online transactions

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You should use your common sense when shopping online, as you do in physical stores; never give out serious details such as social security number. After every transaction, check your credit card statement, to check that you charged once only. By being attentive and careful, one can reduce the risks associated with online shopping transaction; however, if you want complete security and safety, then you should consider using a private internet connection like PureVPN, Hide My Ass, VyprVPN (consult our Best VPN Providers Page). With a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a person can connect to the internet privately and securely, as the VPN makes data secured and it likewise protects your identity. You can also use safely a public network or a cafe to shop online through VPN.
No matter how much careful you are, there are always security and security risks associated with online shopping; that is why it is recommended to have a VPN for online shopping as it protects yourself while sharing details or shopping online.

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