How to Watch Shahid and SSC Sports Channels from Anywhere?

Watch Shahid content and ssc sports channels abroad from anywhere outside saudi and mena countries

Shahid is a streaming service that has revolutionized entertainment consumption in the Middle East. It is owned by the MBC Group, one of the largest media networks in the Arab world. Shahid offers many international movies, TV series, live TV channels, and exclusive content tailored to a diverse audience. Shahid strives to expand its content and provide high-quality entertainment to millions of viewers who have made it their favorite platform. Sports fans can also enjoy live streaming of various competitions from across the world, including Formula One, NFL, Dakar Rally, Formula E, Arab Club Champions Cup, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, Roshn League, King Cup, and more, through their different Live streaming TV channels, particularly The SSC Sports channels.

Shahid is available worldwide, but much content is only available in Mena countries, like various international and US titles. Also, for Sports fans, The live streaming of SSC Sports Channels is only available from Saudi Arabia.
One effective method to bypass geo-restrictions and grant you access to Shahid’s vast library of movies, TV shows, and live TV Channels from anywhere is through a VPN. A step-by-step guide on setting up and using a VPN will be provided, along with recommendations for reliable VPN providers that offer servers in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region.

How to watch Shahid from anywhere?


Easy 5 steps to Watch Shahid and SSC Sports Abroad?

  1. Go to the Shahid site.
  2. Select a free trial or a paid membership, and create your account.
  3. Download and instal Hotspot Shield VPN.
  4. Open Hotspot Shield VPN App and connect to an Egypt Server.
  5. Select an On-Demand video, or an SSC Sports live channel, start streaming, and enjoy your favorite content on Shahid Abroad.

Which VPN is working with Shahid?

Our recommended VPNs to bypass Shahid geo-restrictions are:
1- Hotspot Shield VPN: 3 MENA and 1 Turkey server (Use Egypt Server).

Best VPNs for Shahid and SSC Sports: Updated on April, 2024

List of Best VPN working with Shahid and SSC Sports:

Hotspot Shield VPN ❯: MENA region and Turkey servers. Use Egypt Server to Unblock Shahid and SSC Live Events

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Watch SSC Sport channels from everywhere on Shahid platform
Streaming SSC Channel on Shahid from UK using Hotspot Shield VPN (Egypt Server)
Watch Shahid Live Channels from UK
Streaming Movies Action Channel on Shahid using Hotspot Shield VPN (Egypt Server)

List of VPN not working with NOW TV or under update and verification:

CyberGhost VPN ❯: MENA region, Turkey, and Saudi servers.
Surfshark VPN ❯: MENA region, Turkey, and Saudi servers.
PureVPN ❯: MENA region, Turkey servers.
NordVPN ❯: No Servers from MENA countries are available.

Which VPN is working with SSC Sports TV Live Channels?

Shahid’s content varies from country to country, so switch between servers to explore more content.
SSC Sports channels are available for all MENA countries at the start of each Event, Match, or competition. But the 24-hour SSC Sports Live TV Channels are available only from Saudi Arabia.

So we recommend Hotspot Shield VPN to enjoy a complete experience with SSC Sports by accessing all SSC Sports full-time Live TV channels simultaneously with all live Sports events.

• Live TV Channels of SSC Sports are available from everywhere using Hotspot Shield VPN

Watch SSC Sports match from everywhere
SSC Sports channels using Hotspot Shield VPN connecting to Egypt server.

• Live TV Channels of SSC Sports are available from Saudi Arabia using Hotspot Shield VPN

Watch abroad MBC Live channels on Shahid outside mena and arab countries
Watch abroad MBC Live channels on Shahid Platform
Watch Movies on Shahid Platform from everywhere using Hotspot Shield VPN
Watch Movies on Shahid Platform from everywhere

How to bypass VPN Errors on SSC channels and Shahid platform?

Shahid platform uses a VPN and Proxy detector, so connecting to some VPNs will result in geoblocking errors, like “Oops! You seem to be using VPN or proxy services. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” We recommend using our recommended VPNs, like Hotspot Shield VPN, to bypass these errors.

Bypass Shahid and ssc VPN an Proxy Error.
Shahid and SSC channels abroad – VPN an Proxy Error.


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  1. Try Hotspot Shield vpn with Egypt server

  2. Shahid is no longer working with VPN

  3. Dear friend starz play MENA for the seria A matches wich VPN work with Starz Play ? Can you help me please

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