How to Unblock HBO NOW Outside USA and Sign up for Free account ?

HBO Now is the new Internet streaming service from HBO. The service allows subscribers on-demand access to every episode of every season of the best HBO shows, movies, comedy, sports, and more on their personal computers, smartphones, tablet devices and digital media players. HBO Now is only available to US users located in the United States and geo-blocked for all others countries, all HBO account holders who travel outside wouldn’t be able to access their accounts even though they have paid for it. To bypass geo restriction you have to follow our simple steps to sign up and access the service from anywhere in the world!

Unblock HBO NOW and access to streaming using VPN Solution:

In our Example we picked a US IP using PureVPN, we recommend also these providers:

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For manual installation, you can consult our VPN SET UP page or your provider site under Setup section. Or readily install the VPN Client software of the provider you have chosen (all our recommended providers have their own installable software, youcan also choose another provider from US VPN providers list).

• Screenshots Tutorial using PureVPN software:

1• How do I sign up for HBO NOW?

. Go to HBO Now site and click “Start your Free Trial” - free trial-1


. Sign up for free trial of HBO NOW. Sign up is availble only from App Store or Optimum: - free trial-2


. Sign up for free trial of HBO NOW from App Store using your iphone or ipad:

Before you begin, you will need a US iTunes Account. If you don’t already have a US iTunes account, follow this guide to creating one. NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED. - free trial-3 - free trial-4


. Click “Start your Free Trial With iTunes” and confirm: - free trial-5 - free trial-6


. Click “OK” to continue creating your account or “Manage” to cancel Auto-renew of the subscription.

You can manage your subscription later by accessing your iTunes account (follow the instructions at the bottom of the tutorial). - free trial-7


. Create your Free HBO account (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED). click “Register” then click “Start Watching”. - free trial-8 - free trial-9


. After creating your HBO NOW account using App Store, now you can go to HBO Now site and log in to your new account. - free trial-stream site-9 - free trial-stream site-10



2• How do I watch HBO NOW outside US?

. We pick for example “Game of Thrones”, then we Click play. A message of geo restriction appears:

“Not in service area. HBO NOW is only supported in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories.”

“HBO NOW is available only in the United States, including the District of Columbia, and the US territory of Puerto Rico. If you reside in one of these areas and are experiencing difficulties, please contact your broadband provider. Visit for additional information. -blackout”. - free trial-stream site-11


. To bypass geo restriction we open PureVPN software (you can choose another provider from our recommended VPN at the top or from US VPN providers list) and connect to an US server. - free trial-stream site-12 - free trial-stream site-13


. After connecting our VPN, refresh the page. - free trial-stream site-14 - free trial-stream site-15


. Movies section after connecting VPN. - free trial-stream site-16 - free trial-stream site-17 - free trial-stream site-18



• Unblock HBO NOW via your iOS device using VPN Solution:

1• How do I watch HBO NOW outside US from my iPhone, iPad and iPod (iOS devices)?

. HBO NOW blocked “Video Unavailable” “This video is not avalable in your region”. - free trial-19


. Connect to VPN (use a US server). For iOS installation go to our VPN Setup page or from your VPN provider site at Setup section. - free trial-20 - free trial-21


. HBO NOW iPhone and iPad App unblocked Affter connecting to US VPN server: - free trial-23 - free trial-24 - free trial-25



• Cancel your HBO NOW Auto-Renewal subscription:

1• How do I cancel my HBO NOW auto renew subscription?

. Open iTunes Store from your iOS device and click on your AppleID then “View Apple ID”: - free trial-25 - free trial-26


. From your “SUBSCRIPTIONS” click “Manage”: - free trial-27


. Turn Off “Auto-Renewal”: - free trial-28 - free trial-29 - free trial-30


Note: This VPN solution can be applied to all “HBO NOWiOS Apps. For installation go to our VPN Setup page.

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