How to Bypass ISP Blocking and hide the traces of your P2P data transfers ?

We will start with an important point: we do not want to encourage the prohibited P2P file sharing which has a copyright content or any illegal uses. But we want to improve your knowledge in terms of online security and anonymity of your data, we want to ensure that you use P2P and transfer your torrents anonymously and safely from hackers and scammers.

First you must choose a VPN providers such as:

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For manual installation, you can consult our VPN SET UP page or your provider site under Setup section. Or readily install the VPN Client software of the provider you have chosen. (all our recommended providers have their own installable software)

Note: All our VPN providers offers their own VPN client installable softwares, so to avoid manual installation steps, you have only to choose your prefered provider and install its client software.

Bypass ISP Blocking and hide your P2P data transfers

After choosing your plan from This recommended providers or from the page of VPN Servers which allow the use of P2P tranfer or offers packages such as “Torrent VPN Pack”, Follow these simple steps:

1- Install your VPN (see VPN page setup depending on your system)

2- Connect your VPN and open your P2P client

3- Once connected to the P2P VPN ensures that your IP address is hidden, please check your ip at check My IP, Now that your IP address has been changed, all traffic is directed through a secure and anonymous Tunnel

4- Note: Sometimes the VPN servers meet small and rare shutdowns, so to avoid that your download continue using your own ip, you can use these small tools to ensure your anonymity by cutting automatically your internet devices connection and reconnect when the VPN server be ready: VPNwatcher, VPN Life Guard, VPNetmon

For the paid version of VPNwatcher, a discount of 20% special InterVPN visitors is available using the promo code: INTERVPN20

For PureVPN users you can use the option of « Internet kill switch » inside their client software general settings (it kills all the Internet activity and protects your privacy in case the VPN disconnects).

Hide your P2P Traces

We always try to find tips to secure your connection and ensure your anonymity, enjoy!

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