Netflix is Planning to put an End to Geographical Blocking

Netflix wants to stop its users from the usage of virtual private networks (VPNs), but not by restricting the services; instead, the company makes a plan to sign content deals on an International basis. It means that users can access the films and TV shows at any time and from anywhere in all over the world.

As per the Q4 results announced on Tuesday, the provider of online media streaming services; Netflix disclosed aggressive plans to complete an expansion in all over the world within a time period of just two years. On the top of its expansion, the first two rank countries are New Zealand and Australia. It will expand the services of its plan in these two countries in March, where Netflix has been very modest in announcing the price, or exactly, what price will be on the service at the time of introduction.

There has been always a concern that the content providing on the Australian service will be secondary to the US service, because enough of the content popped up in agreements made with Foxtel, or other local providers such as Quickflix or forthcoming Fairfax-Nine venture Stan.

The company is presently denying to approving that Netflix generate content House of Cards and at the time of launch, Orange is the new Black that will be given to the Australian service, because of already signed deals with Foxtel earlier to the Netflix plans to expand its service in the market of Australia.

It is considered that Netflix will produce House of Cards content at the time of launch, because its rights that has terminated at the end of previous year.

No one knows that how many people living in Australia are currently using the US Netflix service with the help of a VPN. Anyhow, a moment of panic found between the Australian users that have been using the services of Netflix in the starting month of January when a small change with Netflix to access Google Domain Name Server (DNS) for the company’s android application drive the users to access to Netflix through a VPN to be not connected.

Majority of Australian users that uses VPN were still able to make a connection to the service, and the provider of online streaming media; Netflix said made a statement that their policy on VPN service has not changed at all. However, the policy of the Netflix particularly states that the users may not be able to connect to Netflix in offending the terms of use i.e.; to accessing the content at that places where the company does not have the rights to the particular content.

It is really a complicated position for Netflix i.e.; to have clients that are ready to pay out for accessing the service, but TV Studios and films are not happy with Netflix, because they don’t have the right to access such content.

However, the company; Netflix not only speaking about the plans to restrict the users of VPN, but it is giving attention to the hidden problems, rather than just the syndrome.

On a call made on Tuesday, the co-founder and CEO of Netflix ‘Reed Hastings’ said that the main objective of the company is to have worldwide content deals.

He also said that, we had the vision to achieve the right on the International content deals by expanding the food chains. And, we have been working on that to get the worldwide right on content deals. We actual don’t want to go from one country to another. Instead of this, we can offer the ensured money, the upfront money and the access.

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